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Dental PACS solution (Picture Archiving and Communication System) is a web-based image management solution with visualization and analysis tools for dental practice, equipped with Dent iGATE and 3D post-processing capabilities all operating on a single database platform. The solution is backed by the RIS-PACS (Radiology Information System) which is an integrated software system that manages stored medical imagery data archives.



    • Image resolution and quality enhancement and maintenance

    • Image data archiving for review and reporting

    • Re-filming functions

    • Digital dictation and document scan

    • CD/DVD burning

    • Voice recognition

    • HIS and RIS via HL7 interface (interfaced with all major dental modalities)

    • Fast tracks assessment of radiology imaging orders



    • Improving quality and outputs

    • Enabling accurate clinical diagnosis

    • Maximizing efficiency

    • Cost reduction

    • Ensuring accurate billing information

    • Streamlining workflow and increasing productivity

    • Improving patient overall healthcare experiences

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