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Becoming a seamless part of the healthcare provider workflow to maximize operational efficiency, Biometric Patient Identification Management System is designed to provide a fast and accurate patient identification at any point along the care continuum. With a proper proof of identity, a patient is enrolled with two scans that typically take less than a few seconds. Once enrolled, the patient’s record can be accessed instantly and on future visits. RightPatient® technology – SBS’s partner for Biometric Identification – is a world market leader representing the new generation of clean records and trusted patient data with no mix-ups or patient identification errors. The service is currently used by health systems representing 150+ hospitals, more than 1,000 sites, and over 20 million annual patient visit, saving over $100 million annually for healthcare providers.



    • Back-end authentication system leverage of multiple forms of biometrics working on vein pattern scan of a patient’s:

      • Palm

      • Fingerprint

      • Iris

      • Facial

    • Creating an encrypted and protected digital file linked to the patient’s medical record in any HIS, EMPI or EMR registration system.



    • Enhancing patient safety by ensuring the right service is provided to the right patient

    • Marinating privacy and personal data disclosure

    • Patient data protection against identity theft, fraud and misuse

    • Minimizing hospital’s losses due to medical identity theft and insurance fraud

    • Reducing the problem of duplication of medical records and overlays

    • Direct interfacing into current HIS or ERM registration

    • High patient acceptance rate

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