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23 July

SBS expands its healthcare network in the Middle East; Egypt is the next stop!

SBS Superior Business Solutions ME LLC - a Dubai UAE based company started in 2009 and operating in other regions like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar - began its expansion plan of their sizeable presence in healthcare IT investment in the Middle East. The company, through Egypt branch with the highly experienced professional staff, started its works in Egypt by communicating larger chain clinics and hospitals offering them the most innovative solutions and services to serve both the public and private healthcare providers.

SBS announced earlier that they will have a smooth landing in the Egyptian healthcare market first with their MAICA®, the most innovative patient kiosk, which is designed to be interactive computer workstations or tablets for patient self-services, such as patient check-in, completion of mandatory forms, scheduling, storing patient records in one place, and billing and financials, all optimized for fast searching and collaboration. SBS stated that the kiosk has been tested for integration with Cerner, Epic-Sandbox, and major HIS vendors, and that it exists in many different brands and styles offering a variety of functions with a main goal of each to improve practice efficiency, resulting in increased staff and patient satisfaction.

Adel Youssef, SBS’s CEO, said that there is a real vast potential for the adoption of the new patient kiosk technology in Egypt where they can support the country’s transformation to a new era of patient care convenience. He expressed his confidence in achieving the planned success in the Egyptian market depending on SBS’s expertise, the interactive kiosk software provided, the interactive kiosk price, the customized tools tailored to meet the clients’ needs and contracting with best healthcare providers.

Shortly, SBS became a center of attraction to the main industry leaders, technology experts and visionaries in Egypt who soon joined it. Meetings have been held with local owners and investors to introduce them to MAICA® ; asserting that after adopting the new technology, new capabilities and improvements will be constantly available through automatic updates and upgrades to the system, in addition to the ongoing maintenance and technical support through SBS’s technical support engineers who are conveniently reachable by phone, live chat, or email.