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12 December

The Need for a System Integrator (Part 1)

The Need for a System Integrator (Part 1)


When you build a revolutionary software product that is rated on top and aims to aggrandize for international market expansion, the decision to widen your horizon organically through partner network is not an easy choice as it may seem.


There is nothing much critical than to invest your product in different parts of the world as it can cost you the reputation you have built over the years. Therefore, finding a reliable partner who will manage and protect your interest while you are focused on building and developing your own product -is the most crucial part.


Like marriage, the relationship between the product manufacturer and a system integrator (SI) is complementary and essential to both firms. They must add value to each other and protect the relation regardless of the circumstances and continuously seek to grow better every day.


In the software industry — selecting the right regional partner has a lot to do with the capability to understand the delivery model that customers require and provider delivers. Needless to say, this missing ring in the supply chain is complemented by the system integrator.


Below summarizes the SBS Partnership Model that demonstrates how we envisage the working model to successfully operate a software manufacturer and a delivery partner as it should - regardless of the prevailing differences in geography and culture.




However, selecting the right partner is MORE THAN just merely asking them to provide the above-mentioned roles. Unless you are prepared to get a long list of partners in trial and error and conscientiously lose time, money, and opportunities. - One must consider the three pillars I have personally proven over the years which act as a compass in spotting the right SI, or at least, filter the wrong ones!


(To Be Continued. . .)


Written By:


Eng. Adel Yousef, PMP, MBA

CEO, Superior Business Solutions Middle East - SBSME