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16 October

Modern Revolutionary Trends In The Global Healthcare Sector!

In a fast-moving world, healthcare sector around the globe is fiercely looking for innovative and
cost-effective solutions to catch up with the steady changes taking place and deliver patient-
centered, technology-enabled, smart healthcare, both inside and outside healthcare premises.
Care providers and practitioners mostly have difficulties coordinating appointments,
procedures, sharing test results, and involving patients in their treatment plan, what forms an
immune barrier to the sector’s development. This is why the current healthcare sector is trying
to explore trends and issues impacting health care providers and patients; and suggest
considerations for stakeholders as they seek to deliver high-quality, cost-efficient, and
comprehensive healthcare.
One of the problematic issues facing is the sector is pursuing continuous cost reduction
measures, such as developing alternative staffing models, reducing administrative and supply
costs and exploring new revenue sources. Another outstanding issue is responding to security,
health policy and complex regulations ensuring quality care and patient safety, mitigating fraud
and cyber threats. Due to these annoying concerns, SBS Superior Business Solutions ME LLC - a
Dubai UAE based company started in 2009 and operating in other regions like Saudi Arabia,
Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and Egypt – drove less expensive, more efficient, and more accessible on
a global scale solutions addressing these issues through its innovative digital health care
technology products designed for providing better diagnostics and more personalized
therapeutic tools to face the challenge of data protection. These solutions include cognitive
computing, cloud-based, interoperable electronic health records, and Internet of Things (IoT)
what will reshape healthcare and redefine care delivery, digital technologies, and enhance
talent development. Though keeping pace with rapid technology developments is likely to
require massive investments in electronic patient records, eHealth/mHealth, interoperability,
and big data amongst others, healthcare organizations can provide more personalized care
through better engagement with consumers and elevating patient experience by using digital
solutions to facilitate patient access, including customer apps, patient portals, personalized
digital information kits, and self-check-in kiosks.

Finally, a piece of advice should be given, healthcare organizations should consider extending
their focus beyond price and quality of care to creating a customer-centered relationship.
Healthcare has an opportunity to learn from other industries how to more effectively target,
serve, communicate with, and retain customers and patients.