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12 December

Facilitating Healing Through Patient Education

Facilitating Healing Through Patient Education

One important process of achieving an efficient healthcare delivery by health care institutions is through Patient Education.

Patient Education refers to the process undertaken by health care providers to enlighten or inform patients on various steps that will facilitate fast recovery from an illness, prevention, rehabilitation or improvements in healthy behavior that promotes good health. It also offers the opportunity for patients to be aware of medical services made available by health care institutions and of a suitable healthy plan choice as well as the ability to make referrals.

In the past, patient education is done through verbal instruction from healthcare providers or printed out educational materials that are disseminated to patients. Today, however, these practices are considered out-of-date as technology aids in developing patient-informed choices. With the help of patient education software, healthcare providers can now stock their system with educational contents to ensure that accurate information is delivered directly to patients - not only to inform them about their sickness but to actually engage them and improve their motivation while serving it as a benchmark for clinical care provided by physicians.

As forcefully endorsed by HIMMS Meaningful Measure and Objectives Fact Sheet, “Patient-centered education allows for the patient to better understand their health and make informed lifestyle adjustments. Educational material generated by Certified EHR technology for patients should focus on the following items:  patient's problem list, medication list, and laboratory test results.”

Engaging and informing a patient about his or her health conditions offers an opportunity to take responsibility in the healing process of sickness and to understand the sickness better and learn prevention measures to avoid any future reoccurrence.

In the process of educating patients, they will better understand the need to make a lifestyle change in cases of rehabilitations and promotion, avoid complications tendencies and improve efficiency in services as well as respond to plans laid down  for recovery.

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