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12 December

Catching the Pace of Health Care Delivery with Diagnostic Medical Imaging Solutions

Catching the Pace of Health Care Delivery with Diagnostic Medical Imaging Solutions


DUBAI, UAE, April 25, 2016: Health care climate is moving so fast that providers need to be constantly on alert for technologies that will push delivery services to an advanced level that meets today’s patient care demands.

Diagnostic medical imaging solutions are an array of platforms that adds value, quality and efficient work flow to diagnostic procedures with advanced data interoperability.

Accurate patient diagnostic data is the core for quality care delivery and tools to access such information is another step in achieving a satisfactory delivery. One such diagnostic platform is ResolutionMD®


ResolutionMD® software is a state-of-the-art enterprise image-viewing solution enabling instant access to diagnostic-grade images and reports conveniently from web browsers and mobile devices.


Globally accredited for diagnosis using Android, iPhone, iPad, laptop and desktop computers, ResolutionMD® provides powerful capabilities critical to modern healthcare.


ResolutionMD® enhances access to health information with streamlined workflows that enable physicians to diagnose or make treatment decisions faster by providing the tools necessary, including:


  • Browser-neutral viewer

Quick access to information regardless of browser (new or old), hospital infrastructure or policies currently in place. Client options include HTML 5, flex for the web and native mobile applications.

  • Embedded voice and video collaboration

Enables secure, HIPAA-compliant live collaboration by connecting providers to other providers or their patients — a critical part of reimbursable tele-health programs.

  • Mobile measurements

Precision measurements on mobile devices leverages a unique and powerful lens tool for measurements on-the-go.

  • Image exchange

Users can exchange images with outside hospitals or clinics, and studies can be sent to external facilities or used to request other patient exams. During a collaboration session, the user can also send or request studies to or from the collaborators.

  • Discoverable user interface

Allows physicians to have instant access to tools without wasting time searching for, or remembering how, to navigate the data.

  • Cross-enterprise document sharing (XDS)

Greater accessibility and record sharing across or between healthcare enterprises.


  • MPR and 3D

Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP) views for better evaluation of vascular structures.

Reconstruct multiple planes from a single CT or MR Dataset allows the reporting physician to view anatomical structures from different aspects. 3D Volume Rendering rounds out the advanced viewing and processing features, all done in a fully secure mobile environment.

  • Secure URL launching

Data encryption is used to securely create URLs for launching studies from third party applications, including Epic’s EMR system.

  • Non-DICOM data

Support is added to view non-DICOM images and video formats (JPG, PNG, TIFF, MP4, MPG)


SBS, in partnership with Calgary Scientific, has team up to facilitate across the GCC region the future of Diagnostic Medical Imaging Solutions  that fits with existing healthcare systems from patient registration through image acquisition to data storage and analysis. Contact us today for more details.