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11 December

“Introducing the Emirates ID Card Integration System from SBS”

“Introducing the Emirates ID Card Integration System from SBS”

DUBAI, UAE, May 31, 2015: In his statement during the UAE Cabinet meeting which he chaired last May 23, 2015 - His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai approved the initiatives to boost health-care services at federal and local levels regarding the establishment of a national unified database of patients’ medical records in the UAE. ”Improving health-care services will never stop, as the health of our citizens is our utmost priority.” Sheikh Mohammad said.

He added, “Building a high-quality health-care system and providing the best services to patients require streamlining efforts in this sector. Today, we announce a unified national medical record to facilitate the health-care services and provide up-to-date medical data. We want health-care services to reach patients no matter where they are in the country, to realise a high quality standard of living to our people and ensure their health requirements are met.”

Moreover, the Emirates ID card number will be the unified patient number on the central database that contains all health information about each patient.

In line with this, Superior Business Solution (SBS) has taken its correlative decision to adopt this strategy by offering the integration service through its latest product - the Emirates ID Card Integration System.  According to Mr. Adel Eid Yousef, Chief Executive Officer of SBS, “We are glad to offer this product which will read the Emirates ID card information as an indispensible component that will link the patient’s unique medical record to any hospital system in the UAE.”

This particular SBS solution aims to contribute to a highly digitized healthcare integration in the UAE which provides the following advantages:

  1. Reduced typing error by simplifying the service process, eliminate duplication and reduce registration times to facilitate faster transactions.
  2. Simplified access to informations available on the UAE card holder’s public data such as Emirates Identity Number, Name, Photo, Nationality, Passport number, etc.
  3. Saves people’s time, money, and even lives competently by making sure that their pertinent informations are gathered which meet the highest standards of smoothness, efficiency and security.

It is undeniable that the future of Healthcare IT is taking place with an exciting market potential as evidenced by the rise of patient-centric healthcare systems which increases user empowerment. And Superior Business Solutions strives harder on how to allocate resources to best contribute to the overall population health in the Middle East through solutions that definitely work.


Healthcare standards in the GCC, especially in the UAE are constantly improving. Healthcare IT is increasingly regarded as the most promising tool for improving the overall quality, safety and efficiency by making better use of data to improve the healthcare delivery process. 

Superior Business Solutions (SBS) assists healthcare providers in having/implementing that ‘pillar’ in their healthcare model and framework as we focus on delivering world-class yet cost-effective healthcare services, solutions, and products; bringing international best practices and developing assimilated and balanced care pyramids at all levels of care.

We deliver revolutionary Healthcare IT Solutions geared towards customized patient-centric health record right at your finger tips.

As our creed says it best, “When it comes to health – we take it personal.”


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