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12 December

“Increasing Cash Flow and Reducing the Rejected Claims through Patient Billing and Revenue Cycle Management”

“Increasing Cash Flow and Reducing the Rejected Claims through

Patient Billing and Revenue Cycle Management”


Dubai, UAE, August 29, 2015: One crucial management point that healthcare institution administrators cannot take for granted is the matter of an efficient patient billing and revenue cycle management (RCM) as it underscores efficiency and general performance of the institution.


Health care delivery institutions in the GCC region has witness a tremendous growth during the past decade due to the integration of various technological healthcare delivery tools and systems.  Such a success must translate into a proper financial gain for the institutions if an efficient patient billing and revenue collection systems is incorporated.

Hence, Superior Business Solutions (SBS) opted to bring Powerhealth Solution’s ‘PowerBilling and Revenue Collection,’ an efficient fit-for-purpose patient billing system that integrates easily with patient management and clinical systems to source the data required to generate invoices using local billing rules; from patient appointment scheduling to payment of services ensuring that all data is accounted for and fully paid.

This solution takes care of the intricacies that are involved in the healthcare industry allowing for the efficient monitoring of revenue collection through integrated automation complex billing processing that yields the twin benefits of health care delivery satisfaction and financial growth through constant cash flow.



PowerHealth Solutions is an Australian leading vendor in Healthcare Patient Billing Solutions. Together with) Superior Business Solutions (SBS) a reliable United Arab Emirates-based software solutions integrator company – they will bring the ‘PowerBilling and Revenue Collection (PBRC)’ software to the GCC region.


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Training Picture caption:

Mr. Oliver Tatlow-Lord, Senior Billing Consultant at Powerhealth Solutions trains Superior Business Solutions (SBS) Middle East team to meet the GCC Healthcare Delivery System challenges for an efficient patient billing system through PowerHealth Solutions’ PowerBilling and Revenue Collection.