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Single Sign On is defined as the process of enabling a computer user to use one username and password to login to various applications in the same domain as per his requirements. Our application provides easy authentication processes that would overcome problems existing with multiple login ids and passwords. Although it seems like a little change but it really makes a big difference.



    • Password management simplifying by unifying a single sign on to all enterprise applications.

    • Automating many routine aspects of password management including changing passwords automatically on behalf of users.

    • Provisioning self-service password reset by enabling users to reset their own passwords, eliminating calls to the help desk and increasing productivity.

    • Demonstrating regulatory compliance by enabling fast production of reports and detailing who, what, when and from where users had access to information.

    • Deploying strong authentication process by enabling authentication in different ways like ID tokens, proximity cards, smart cards, USB tokens and biometric authentications.

    • Helping in optimizing organization workflow by preventing delays to patient information



    • User-friendly and viable system that makes healthcare services faster, efficient and more inclusive.

    • Simplifying password management system and maintaining regulatory compliance.

    • Speeding up the process of data retrieval through a common authentication mechanism (SSO).

    • Enabling implementation of strict authentication as options like USB tokens, biometric authentications and even smart cards and proximity cards can be used for authenticating the users.

    • Comprehensive solution that does not only simplifiy authentication process but also makes it stringent.

    • Ease of vigilance and tracking user details and activities and easily charting it.

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