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Patient Portal is a unique system that provides an optimal user experience as the main design objective is to provide clarity, consistency and usability through an intuitive information. The modular architecture of the system fits the needs of modern enterprises as it provides maximum flexibility and customization support during rollout and maintenance. One of the system’s main advantages is its interoperability and security through providing effective application integration solutions, that are essential to cover needs of clients who have existing content and business logic stored in back-end systems. The platform’s design is based on IHE & HL7® standards and certified as a “class I” medical device.



    • Dashboard: SBS-Vitaly Health Portal can be customized and personalized to fit specific needs of various users.

    • Electronic Health Record (HER): provides integration with patient’s hospital and other medical institution.

    • Personal profile:includes all personal data and settings which are integrated automatically with other information systems and data that users manually modify on the portal.

    • Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM): enables users to monitor and record various physical parameters, acquired by standardized and certified medical protocols, either from medical grade or free market monitoring devices

    • e-Prescription: enables users to have an overview of medications from patient’s healthcare episodes.

    • Messaging: provides a secure and safe communication engine for two-way patient-doctor/medical staff communication or consultations between medical professionals.

    • Consultation: provides a secure communication tool for doctors to discuss non-urgent clinical questions, difficult diagnoses, treatment advices and similar.



    • Supporting various business models

    • Wide spectrum of products and services bundling

    • Standardized seamless integration between SW-MW-HW solutions

    • Tailor-made configuration for specific project implementations

    • Scale and infrastructure flexibility

    • Proven Health & Care domain know-how and experience

    • New health information management upgrade

    • Priceless multi-industry digital transformation experience

    • Standardized integration interface

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