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SBS’s Learning Management System (LMS) delivers a dynamic, easy-to-use and flexible solution to address the specialized need from documentation to tracking, reporting and delivery of courses with a localized setting. In SBS, we believe that a successful healthcare LMS should be an outmost easy-to-understand platform with provisions for easy upgrade according to the needs of an organization, online or offline.



    • Computer based learning/self-learning with international language support (English)

    • Browser-based interface supporting portal personalization

    • Workflow capability for commonly performed actions

    • Handling prerequisites during registration

    • Role-based system

    • Individual and batch enrolment permissions

    • Managing courses enrolments, plans and class schedule

    • Creating individual and group learning plans with completion due-dates

    • Ability to assign manually or automatically learning plans to individual learners or groups

    • Evaluating course effectiveness

    • Waitlists and track status

    • Handling classroom and equipment scheduling

    • Handling Web-conference learning sessions scheduling

    • Compliance and mandatory training, notification, tracking and scheduling

    • Managers training to create and review learning plans in which students can enroll

    • Continuing education and certification tracking

    • Calendars for learners, managers and administrations, showing courses and assignments

    • Access to learner roster (trainee) for an enrolled class

    • MS Outlook integration with calendar

    • Ability to review trainer’s performance and trainee’s feedback

    • Users socialization with other departments through Web-Based Training (WBT) and Computer-Based Training (CBT) which both support Video Conferencing and Content-Authoring.



    • Ease of use and flexibility

    • Ease of access and navigation

    • Ease of follow up and evaluation

    • Personal customization and preferences

    • Integration between the system components

    • Simplifying the enrollment process and all other procedures

    • Time saving and efficiency

    • Ease of communication between departments

    • Enhancing interaction and socialization between learners, teachers, and departments

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