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Health Medical Insurance

The shift from employer and compensation scheme-driven product planning to a more consumer-centric choice model made the need for clear, integrated product portfolios more important as the market is demanding an integrated, holistic approach dealing with the total insured need regardless of the traditional business separation between health plans and ancillary benefits.



    • Handling invoices and payments.

    • Auto-generated, customized policy documents.

    • Advanced and highly maintainable premium calculation engine.

    • Flexible claim forms with customized fields, languages, white labelling and more.

    • End-to-end from claim report to reimbursement and reporting.

    • Powerful reporting engine with customizable templates.

    • Insights module visualizing key trends and KPIs.

    • Great user experiences across the board, distilling complex to simple.

    • Fine-grained access control levels.

    • My Account portal with plug-and-play online sales and claims reporting solutions.

    • Responsive and device-independent.




    • Reducing time-to-market.

    • Growing business.

    • Saving costs.

    • Staying in compliance.

    • Strong security architecture


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