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The general idea behind the e-signature systems is to eliminate the paper original for all those documents where a signed paper copy is required, consequently changing how business works. Whether you need to sign a secure document on the go or you're at your desk all day, the solution can simplify the process. You upload a document—Word, PDF, or even an image file—to an online service, then tag it with special annotations where signatures eventually need to go. The service sends this marked-up file to your specified recipients, who then "sign" it with a few clicks, either with stock cursive fonts or with a scrawl they draw using their mouse (or a finger, using a tablet) on the fly. When finished, the signed file is sent back to you, mission accomplished.



    • Encrypted signatures

    • Fingerprints in the structure of a coded message

    • Associating a signer, securely with a document in a recorded transaction

    • Time-stamped signature when a document is signed and becomes invalid if changed

    • Easily configuring compliance in any workflow

    • Allowing single, multiple, parallel, and sequential signatures

    • Signing both documents and records

    • Ensuring signature authenticity and validity



    • Increased efficiency: using E-signature with an electronic medical record system eliminates document loss, ensures data integrity and collection of advanced biometric data for future verification requirements

    • Full dematerialization processes: the document is digitally created, the signature is subsequently affixed and the documents is then digitally filed for archiving in compliance with the current law, thus avoiding all scanning and archiving costs

    • Cost Reduction: direct savings from switching to a paperless process, including the cost of paper, ink, printer maintenance and shipping costs, in addition to a lot of indirect savings, including the time saved that would’ve been spent filing documents, searching for lost documents or emails.

    • Get paid faster after signing: the electronic signature software automatically routes documents to the next signer in the workflow and when the documents are signed, you can get paid faster than ever before.

    • Enhancing Customer Relationships: with SBS digital signature software, customers can sign contracts online with nothing to download or install. This service adds value for customers by making it fast and easy to do business with your company.

    • Increased patient satisfaction: since it reduces waiting time, it increases patient satisfaction.

    • Providing highest level of security and acceptance available

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