Single Sign On

Single Sign On


What is Single Sign On SSO?.

Single Sign on is process of getting Computer user to enter one user and password and allow him to login to various applications. Little change with big difference. Our application driven life demands easy authentication processes that would overcome problems with multiple login ids and password. An integrated verification system also helps in simplifying password management system and maintaining regulatory compliance. Single sign on an integrated sign-on solution has been designed to enable users within an organization to access multiple applications with the help of a single sign on. Users can logon to multiple applications as per his requirement with the help of SSO system.

Having a common authentication mechanism like SSO enables organizations to speed up the process of data retrieval. In an industry like healthcare this can prove vital as detailed patient information can be accessed with the help of solitary signing in. SSO also enables implementation of strict authentication as options like USB tokens, biometric authentications and even smart cards and proximity cards can be used for authenticating the users. SSO is a comprehensive solution that not only simplifies authentication process but also makes it stringent. It renders vigilance easier as details of every user and his activities can be charted easily. With SSO, Superior Business Solutions intends to make IT applications user-friendly and viable for healthcare workers. It is a tool that would make healthcare services faster, efficient and more inclusive.

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