Procurement and Health Informatics Management Services

Procurement and Health Informatics Management Services


A well-designed and implemented Health Information Management System (HIMS) enables a world-class healthcare delivery system. The foundation for the HIMS is the electronic medical record which organizes each patient’s clinical, radiology, laboratory and pharmacy data securely and efficiently. The HIMS enables accessibility and affordability for the healthcare ecosystem, while reducing costs, improving clinical decision making, and reducing medical and medication errors. SBS assesses the HIMS requirements of healthcare providers and then manages the selection and implementation of the appropriate solution to meet the organization’s clinical, financial and operational goals. Our HIMS implementation/integration services cover the following:

  • Procurement management
  • Clients’ requirement analysis
  • Selecting, in conjunction with the client, the most appropriate and cost effective solution
  • Offering the information technology services required for the HIMS solution
  • Project Management services
  • Implementation of the selected solutions to fulfill client needs
  • Migration of historical clinical data as required for the HIMS solution or a data repository
  • Integration of the selected solutions with current HIMS
  • Providing appropriate, tailored training to the client’s staff
  • Deployment support
  • Training programs
  • Technical support and helpdesk services

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