Medical Imaging Solution

Medical Imaging Solution


The rapid growth in health care delivery solutions has ushered in advance diagnostic techniques that is enabling healthcare providers achieve more with less spending, thus hoisting clinical procedures to the next generation level that optimizes excellent patient care delivery.

Medical Imaging techniques creates a visual representation of the internal body components enable medical professional achieve an accurate clinical diagnosis for appropriate treatment decisions and recommendations.

At SBS, we are in touch with the latest innovation and development of cutting-edge medical imaging and medical information solutions that drive clinical diagnostic procedures to the next level of confidence.

Dental PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) is a web-based image management solution with visualization and analysis tools for dental practice. Equipped with Dentigate and 3D post-processing capabilities all operating on a single database platform, tools that facilitate maintenance of appropriate level of resolution and image quality acquiring modalities, image data storing and re-filming functions for review and reporting, digital dictation and document scan, CD/DVD burning and voice recognition function, HIS and RIS via HL7 interface and interfaced with all major dental modalities.

RIS-PACS (Radiology Information System) is an integrated software system that manages stored medical imagery data archives, fast tracks assessment of radiology imaging orders and ensures accurate billing information. RIS-PACS, streamlines workflow and increases productivity. Together with our highly esteemed partners, we offer healthcare delivery institutions the next generation world class technologies that reduce cost, maximize efficiency and improve patient healthcare experiences.

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