Finding a robust software application to help improve the healthcare teaching and learning experience with increased efficiency is crucial to hospital learning workflow. SBSLMS delivers a dynamic, easy-to-use and flexible solution to address this specialized need from documentation to tracking, reporting and delivery of courses with a localised setting. In SBS, we believe that a successful healthcare learning management system(LMS) however, should be an outmost easy-to-understand platform with provisions for easy upgrade according to the needs of an organization – online or offline.

To support you in your decision-making as you find the perfect LMS for your organization, our SBLMS features include:

  • Computer based learning/Self Learning
  • International language support – English
  • Browser-based interface
  • Workflow capability for commonly performed actions
  • Ability Training Managers to create and review learning plans in which students can enrol with
  • Portal Personalization Create waitlists and track status
  • Permit individual and batch enrolment Handle prerequisites during registration
  • Manage courses and class schedule
  • Create individual and group learning plans with completion due-dates
  • Easy communication between departments
  • Smooth Management for Course Enrolments
  • Manage Course Plans
  • Ability to assign manually and automatic learning plans to individual learners or groups
  • Evaluate Course Effectiveness Ability for physical classroom and equipment scheduling
  • Ability for scheduling Web-conference bases learning sessions
  • Ability to assign manually and automatic learning plans to individual learners and groups
  • Compliance and mandatory training, notification, tracking and scheduling
  • Continuing education and certification tracking
  • Calendars for learners, managers and administrations, showing courses and assignments
  • Access learner roster (trainee) for an enrolled class
  • MS Outlook integration with Calendar
  • Option to review Trainer’s performance and Trainee’s feedback
  • Role-Based System
    • On top of it all, our Learning Management System makes it easier for users to socialize with other departments through Web-Based Training (WBT) and Computer-Based Training (CBT) which both supports Video Conferencing and Content-Authoring.

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