Integration Engine

Integration Engine


Why Hospitals need Integration Engine?
There is continuous need for various solutions in hospitals, all beneficial and all specialized solutions, every solution has its own hospital department workflow and purpose to serve. This continuous solutions supply to a hospital created consequential need for proper messaging between different systems. The data must be updated and maintained integrated across all these various systems. With different systems for different services, it becomes impossible to use a one-to-one messaging system that can enable the healthcare communication services to communicate with each other and increase their efficiency. Integration engine is a novel concept that makes it easier for exchange and retrieval of health information. Integration engine provides a framework that enables input systems to send messages to a central engine which is later routed to output systems. This is a fast, reliable and efficient messaging system that enables hospitals to take control of their data and use it to provide better healthcare services. Integration engine offers a simplified approach to health data by providing interoperability between hospitals, clinics, laboratories and radiology centers. This interface saves time in terms of speeding up inter-system communication. It reduces time to retrieve patient information and makes diagnosis easier. Integration engine is a highly reliable interface. It offers superior performance without compromising on security of sensitive data. The web-based interface makes it easy to install and use. With right training and technical support most organizations find it most suitable for internal use. The system is flexible and scalable. It can be customized according to need and thus suitable for different healthcare services.

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