E-Signature Overview

E-Signature Benefits

  • Reduce Costs direct savings from switching to a paperless process, including the cost of paper, ink, printer maintenance and shipping costs , a lot of indirect savings, including the time saved that would’ve been spent filing documents, searching for lost documents or emails

  • Enhance Customer Relationships With digital signature SBS software, customers can sign contracts online with nothing to download or install. This service adds value for customers by making it fast and easy to do business with your company

  • Get Paid Faster After the first person signs, the electronic signature software automatically routes documents to the next signer in the workflow. And when the documents signed in minutes, you can get paid faster than ever before


Why SBS E-Signature?

  • Increased efficiency Using an SBS E signature with an electronic medical record system eliminates document loss. It also ensures data integrity and collection of advanced biometric data for future verification requirements

  • Increased patient satisfaction Since it reduces waiting time, it increases patient satisfaction