Data Protection, Back-up and Recovery Solution

Data Protection, Back-up and Recovery Solution


One pivotal component of health care delivery that cannot be overlooked by health care providers is patient data protection. The current digital age has drastically changed the normal paper-based methods of processing information to an electronic standard that one can hardly keep space. It is a known fact that health institutions produce a huge amount of data (patient biometric, prescription drugs, insurance, as well as financial records) that is required in rendering an efficient customer satisfied health care. This information is vital to the institution as well as to the patient and as such, should commands top priority in safe keeping.

Consequently, patient data transfer, sharing among health practitioner and well as protection from the thief and cyber espionage should be given utmost care and attention. COMMVAULT data protection and information management solutions provide mid- and enterprise-level organizations worldwide with a significantly better way to get value from their data with a state of act Software Backup & Recovery Solution.


  • Commvault software’s singular platform enables improved management, access and ability to recover data more efficiently and with less risk.
  • Backup success rates of 99 percent and expedited simplified recoveries, elevating overall data protection. This includes the protection of more than 400 clinical and business applications and a BIDMC custom clinical application called Center for Clinical Computing (CCC) that leverages Inter Systems CACHÉ.
  • Centralized management and policy automation streamlines operations and reduces administration, significantly lowering overhead and cutting time spent on backups by 40 percent.
  • Flexible licensing provides unprecedented flexibility in changing licenses without penalties in order to keep pace with ever-evolving environment.
  • Protecting vital information, storage, and backup recovery systems are of utmost importance to a successful healthcare delivery service which is an integral element in reaching patient healthcare satisfaction.
  • SBS with its highly esteemed partner’s COMMVAULT data protection and information management solutions delivers the latest technology in data protection, backup, and recovery platform. Contact us today for more details.

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