Data Encryption and Drive Wiping Software

Data Encryption and Drive Wiping Software


Health institutions are centers where volumes of confidential data are generated continuously. These volumes of information constitute important elements that facilitate efficient health care delivery service which in turn is paramount to the institutions standard grading and success. Data protection system is thus vital and should be given the highest priority as a standard procedure in health care delivery as important information can find their way in the hands of criminals who may utilize them to defraud the institutions, patient personal accounts/property or for victimization purposes. Data protection includes ensuring that patient’s vital information that are deleted data cannot be recovered. Jetico Data Encryption and Drive Wiping Software commands the lead among other technologies in wiping data spills and ensures a clean data recovery.

Jetico Data Encryption and Drive Wiping Software is designed with sophisticated wiping commands and tools to securely erase data after every activity with confidential information:

  • Delete With Wiping
  • Wipe files, folders, and even compressed files with ease
  • Wipe Data Remanance
  • Free space
  • File slack space
  • Swap file
  • MFT records
  • Directory entries
  • NTFS log file
  • Directory slack space
  • Wipe Internet History
  • Wipe Local History
  • Swap File Encryption
  • Transparent Wiping
  • Wipes deleted or temp fi les automatically on the fly
  • Reserved Space Manager
  • Preserves wiped free space in a clean state to save time.
  • BCWipe Task Manager
  • Set scheduled wiping tasks
  • Disk-level verification.
  • Hexadecimal File Viewer.
  • Log File Viewer.

The importance of protection and safety of information can never be overemphasized in any health care delivery service as the evolution of technology is changing the ways health care is given. SBS and Jetico, the leading acclaimed Data Encryption and Drive Wiping Software Technology Company have partnered to bring the latest technology in Data Encryption and Drive Wiping to GCC region to further push the health care delivery service to the highest level of excellence.

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