Provision of healthcare solution has always remain a daunting task, but with our years of healthcare technology experience spanning over 15 years, we have partnered with renowned healthcare IT solution providers and have successfully developed quality IT solutions for every specific environment in the health care systems.
Our healthcare IT solutions includes: Integration Engines, Dental Solutions, Single Sign On, Innovative biometric patient identification technology, Interactive Patient Care, Revenue Cycle Management, Patient Kiosks, in additional to proven deployment methods to healthcare systems which has been instrumental to healthcare delivery services to patients in hospital and clinics across the region.

Patient Biometric

PATIENT BIOMETRIC Biometric Patient identification Management System provides a fast and accurate patient identification, and works by scanning the vein pattern of a patient’s palm, finger print scan, iris scan or even facial scan,and uses the uniqueness to identify and create an encrypted and protected digital file which is linked to the patient’s medical record in any HIS registration, EMPI or EMR system. With a proper proof of identity, a patient is enrolled with two scans that typically take less than [...]

Single Sign On

SINLE SIGN ON (SSO) What is Single Sign On SSO?. Single Sign on is process of getting Computer user to enter one user and password and allow him to login to various applications. Little change with big difference. Our application driven life demands easy authentication processes that would overcome problems with multiple login ids and password. An integrated verification system also helps in simplifying password management system and maintaining regulatory compliance. Single sign on an integrated sign-on solution has been designed [...]

Medical Imaging Solution

MEDICAL IMAGING SOLUTION The rapid growth in health care delivery solutions has ushered in advance diagnostic techniques that is enabling healthcare providers achieve more with less spending, thus hoisting clinical procedures to the next generation level that optimizes excellent patient care delivery. Medical Imaging techniques creates a visual representation of the internal body components enable medical professional achieve an accurate clinical diagnosis for appropriate treatment decisions and recommendations. At SBS, we are in touch with the latest innovation and development of cutting-edge [...]

Dental Solutions

DENTAL SOLUTIONS With the advent of software developments pertaining to the dental solutions and services industry, today’s private practice dentist has many options when it comes to making their offices run more easily and efficiently dental software and detal equipments. SBS business model is built upon finding the best possible dental IT solutions for our clients, and our ability to bring our experience and up-to-date Dental technology knowledge from other business sectors into the dental office. The final result is the perfect [...]

Integration Engine

INTEGRATION ENGINE IN HEALTHCARE Why Hospitals need Integration Engine? There is continuous need for various solutions in hospitals, all beneficial and all specialized solutions, every solution has its own hospital department workflow and purpose to serve. This continuous solutions supply to a hospital created consequential need for proper messaging between different systems. The data must be updated and maintained integrated across all these various systems. With different systems for different services, it becomes impossible to use a one-to-one messaging system that [...]