About us

Superior Business Solutions was established in UAE to centrally serve and enrich the region with the high-end healthcare specialized information. Our focus is on world class healthcare IT consultancy, Services and Solutions in Middle East including Healthcare software, Web apps, Mobile apps, and Digital Marketing for improved and enhanced patient care, We manage Experienced People, Optimized Process and Technological Products to provide best solutions for your business

With solid and diverse experience locally and regionally, SBS focuses on providing a wide range of health care IT products & Services, delivering integrated solutions to support the strategic objectives of health care establishments, offering innovative solutions and services to serve the public and private health care providers and aiming to deliver intelligent solutions that enable SBS’s clients to provide world-class health care services and establish a connected health framework to serve and improve the health care ecosystem


Connecting Innovative Solutions to Save People Money, Time and Lives
We have developed strong partnerships with companies who share the philosophy of "open architecture”. This philosophy enables us to select the best products, integrate them to provide the "best of breed” solution, and deliver them to enhance the overall efficiency of healthcare organizations practice.
We are committed to bring the latest technology solutions for Middle East market with attempt to become the leader in systems integrations and provide best practice through our experienced resources Our commitment enables Healthcare Providers to focus on the business imperatives while we ensure the breakthrough technology works best for our clients We manage experienced people, optimized process and technological products to provide nothing but superior solutions for your business.

Who We Are

Connecting Innovative Solutions to Save People Money, Time and Lives. We achieve this by developing quality, innovative services, solutions, products to implementing for our customers and build sustained, long term customer relations

We Deliver Best Of Breed Customer Centric Solutions , Selected precisely and studied to integrate and complement to perform as One Solution. This is achieved by: Studying the HIS organizations’ core business and providing them with the appropriate solution, which solves their challenges. Imparting expertise in the identification and execution of appropriate strategies, processes, and information technologies Superior Business Solutions SBS provides every client with measurable, value-oriented results. Decisions are driven by the clients’ best interests and Superior Business Solutions’ core values

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