For each of our system/solution implementation and integration, SBS offers training governance and management that ensures the overall strategic goals (business, financial, operational) of the partnership between us and our clients are delivered transparently and effectively. We offer IT training solution design and management that ensure results by aligning training with key organizational and learning strategies, consistent service quality, centralized reporting, integrating best practice with industry-unique technologies to streamline efficiencies, track workflow and maintain accurate training records for accreditation, compliance and competency.


Our Healthcare IT Training services covers:

  • System orientation

  • Training plan development

  • Training material preparation

  • Users’ training


  • Increased motivation and job satisfaction

  • Greater efficiency

  • Increasing productivity

  • Improved bottom line

  • Quicker adoption of new technologies

  • Helping business run better by getting most equipped by new systems

  • Acquiring new skills and increasing contribution to the business

  • Maintaining self-esteem and personal development of the employees

  • Easier and quicker transition to new IT systems and technologies

Why SBS System and Application Training?

  • Employee retention

  • Staff members develop loyalty to a practice because they feel you care about them as individuals. They benefit from personal and professional growth and do not feel their career has stalled out

  • Staff morale

  • A practice culture that encourages learning and fosters education creates a positive, motivated, and committed workforce

  • Practice efficiency

  • Orientation and cross training are essential for a smoothly running office. The stability and tenure that result from low staff turnover also contribute to efficiency

  • Job competency

  • Employees who have received job-specific training are more productive and confident. Both clinical and administrative staff need ongoing education to stay current regarding the constantly changing aspects of oncology practice

  • Patient satisfaction

  • Yes, staff education affects your patients, who benefit from your employees' skills, positive attitude, and efficiency. Employees who feel they make a difference in the mission do better work