System Implementation Overview


  • Easy to implement and manage

  • Increased productivity

  • Eliminates human error

  • Reduces costs

  • Improves patient care and satisfaction

  • Increases security through audit trails

  • Maintains regulatory compliance

  • Easily integrates with existing system

  • Reduces the risk of damage

  • Enhances collaboration


  • Identify and maintain a patient record

  • Identify and maintain a single patient record for each patient

  • Manage patient demographics

  • Capture and maintain demographic information. Where appropriate, the data should be clinically relevant, reportable and track able over time

  • Manage problem lists

  • Create and maintain patient-specific problem lists

  • Manage medication lists

  • Create and maintain patient-specific medication lists

  • Manage patient history

  • Capture, review, and manage medical procedural/surgical, social and family history including the capture of pertinent positive and negative histories, patient-reported or externally available patient clinical history

  • Manage clinical documents and notes

  • Create, addend, correct, authenticate and close, as needed, transcribed or directly-entered clinical documentation and notes

  • Capture external clinical documents

  • Incorporate clinical documentation from external sources

Why SBS System Implementation?

  • Implementing a new system can positively impact a business, providing a foundation for development and improvement . SBS’s approach to EHR/HIS implementations and optimizations goes beyond the standard approach to help our client reach their goals of being a high performance value based patient centric organizations

  • Our experienced project managers and implementation team understand the clinical work flows and content to shine a spotlight on the optimization of the implementation of facilitate the collection of action able data to leverage our clients EHR’s true value

  • System implementation includes operations, testing, training and local support