Software Development Overview

  • Enhanced patient care

  • quick access to patient records, back-office and legal documents, handwritten doctor’s notes and content search

  • Better care coordination and patient engagement

  • easy communication between caregivers and patients as well as exchange of information like individual health plans, self-care instructions, reminders and more

  • Improved diagnostics

  • reliable and comprehensive information about patients to help clinicians diagnose health problems faster

  • Reduced costs

  • task automation and less time-consuming paperwork – the benefits that ultimately outweigh the expenses caused by adopting new software


  • Scalability

  • Allows clinicians and administrators to collect, store, and work with large data volumes in a manner that suits the unique requirements of their organization or health care network

  • Pace

  • A product is able to be implemented much quicker, allowing clinicians learn and begin interacting with the tool and provide end-user feedback that much sooner

  • Transparency

  • Stakeholders can see visible proof of project progress, test and interact with features, or request changes, at the end of each sprint

  • Informed by early end-user feedback

  • Agile is flexible, allowing suggestions to be added in earlier instead of later, when changes are costlier. Grants clinicians greater input into the final product

  • Compliance

  • Facilitates the alignment of healthcare organizations with industry standards and regulations, and avoid any expensive penalties, or worse, the death or serious injury of patients

Why SBS Software Development?

Improving care quality:

Better quality is often hampered by excessive paperwork, so SBS software release your information and let it flow seamlessly within your medical establishment with the help of:

  • Custom electronic health record (EHR/EMR)

  • Enterprise content management (ECM)

  • Customer relationship management (CRM and Loyalty) systems

  • Enterprise portals ,One size never fits all, so we ask the right questions

  • analyze user behavior to tailor a solution precisely to your needs

  • With all information stored in one place