Single sign on Overview

  • Reduces Help Desk costs

  • SSO saves users from having to memorize a long list of passwords. How does that make you save on costs? up to 50% of all Help Desk calls are just requests for password resets. Depending on the rate of your support calls, each password reset can amount to $70

  • Improves customer satisfaction

  • If you've noticed, most of the sites offering SSO are social networking sites and other cool Web 2.0 sites who put a premium on the end user experience. That's no coincidence. More than anything else, SSO is designed to enhance the end user experience during log-ins by making the process quick and simple

  • Boosts productivity

  • In companies implementing strict password policies, simple login processes can take much longer than usual. Users will have to take out their password lists, scan through it, and slowly key in each character into the password field. If the login fails, they'd have to check if they missed a character or keyed-in the wrong password

  • Improves compliance and security capabilities

  • One common misconception about SSO is that, because it reduces the keys to your IT assets to a single password (per user), it weakens security. The argument is that, if a password is stolen, multiple applications can then become vulnerable to attacks


Designed to help organization overcome the difficulties and problems associated with passwords. Single Sign on (SSO) is equipped with features as:

  • Simplifying password management - by enabling a single sign on including changing passwords automatically on behalf of users

  • Demonstrating regulatory compliance - by enabling fast production of reports as well as detailing who, what, when and from where users had access to information

  • Deploying strong authentication - by enabling authentication on options such as; ID tokens, proximity cards, smart cards, USB tokens, biometric authentications

  • Provisioning self-service password reset

  • Helping optimizing organization workflow by preventing delays to patient information

Why SBS Single sign on?

  • On(SSO)removes the need to repeatedly type use names and passwords, which stream lines EMR adoption .SSO significantly reduces clicks and eliminate then need to remember or enter application user names and password