Revenue Cycle Management

SBS revenue cycle Management’s equally important for healthcare organizations to capture and leverage data analytics and insights in order to properly train their staff and make realtime business decisions

  • Increasing Efficiency

  • SBS Healthcare RCM solutions can assist to increase the amount of relevant claims submitted to a facility and decrease the time spent organizing billing and collecting payments
    SBS digital solutions now provide a higher level of accuracy and security, monitor claims faster and reduce healthcare fraud

  • Cyber security of information in patient portals

  • SBS RCM are adopting the same security technologies and information-processors as credit and financial industries to protect patient information

  • System integration

  • SBS RCM solution can help providers better manage the entire Integrated patient By leveraging data and analytics in more powerful ways, reduce time spent in data-entry tasks and increase time spent delivering patient care


Patient Billing and Claim Management

  • Automated system provides a billing process that reduces high cost of labor encountered through patient billing in many medical institutions

  • System is designed around the basic health constructs of patient transfers and services

  • Bill patients by the time spent in wards and locations using DRG and ICD codes

  • Reduce spends up time between service provision and payment collection through capturing all patients service activity ensuring that none is left out

  • Thereby increasing cash flow and revenue collection of the institution

Patient Level Costing

  • web-based system that calculates service delivery costs and funding revenue based on clinical and financial data consolidated from other healthcare systems Modules


  • Calculates the cost of hospital service delivery to measure business performance and identify areas requiring cost savings or improvements


  • Calculates public and private revenue streams using sophisticated business rules to reflect complex terms and conditions, such as government case mix or activity based funding, block-funded government grants, and private health insurance contracts


  • Monitors hospital performance through regularly generated reports that are distributed through e-mail
    Custom reporting allows in-depth analysis of your data using simple yet powerful query tools

Reporting Framework

  • Standardizes State and National Health Authority statutory reporting across all participating hospitals

  • Setting up a customized reporting framework to process all hospital data through the same validating, mapping or processing

  • Steps into submission-ready files

Hospital Budgeting

  • Power Budgeting, Forecasting & Modelling (PBFM), powered by Adaptive Insights, the recognized leader in cloud corporate performance management (CPM), 360 degree view of your organization's performance past, present, and future

  • Integrate with many different applications via data connectors or merely import/export data via Excel or flat file

  • Improve patient outcomes by linking safety and quality, performance and cost and integrating Power Health Solutions' PPM to associate revenue and cost at the patient level

  • Connect with MS Office to easily create high-quality reports, Board books and presentations with Microsoft Word, Excel and

  • PowerPoint


  • Handle Simple and Complex Insurance case Mix Scheme

  • Implement local middle East Insurance eligibility and Claim rules

  • Adapt local workflow with complete comprehensive configurable workflow design

  • Reporting and Analysis Engine to Help Decision makers focus on Revenue maximization without losing Focus on patient quality service

  • Real Time Business Decision making based on data analysis insights

  • Provide Holistic View for Revenue Cycle Drivers including