Procurement Consulting Overview


  • Draft a detailed map of your company’s entire spending for all related IT solution or systems you need

  • Drive substantial, and sustainable savings, across the entire company. In short, the purchasing / procurement team is not the gatekeepers of savings

  • Inform and educate other departments about how those savings can be achieved regarding choosing the right system with the right cost

  • Ensure contract management and supplier relationship management programs are enforced. When it comes to evaluating suppliers


  • It is important to identify clearly the pathway between project objectives to be taken on by the consulting team and the organizational strategy

  • For consultants as well as internal staff, getting traction in a complex business is always a challenge and often a SBS IT Solution provides a great opportunity to better understand the people who make up a business and build credibility with key stakeholders

Why SBS Procurement Consulting?

  • SBS procurement consultants are experienced professionals who understand the many challenges facing healthcare. Our Procurement Consulting Services practice is dedicated to helping our clients find innovative, cost effective solutions to support the improvement of the delivery of care and the patient experience while managing costs

  • SBS provides the best practice of USA and UK Healthcare Informatics experience, cost effectively

  • SBS work with Blended-Shore model to get experienced resources along with local support resources to minimize our clients