Patient Portal Overview


  • Support for various business models

  • Wide spectrum of products and services bundling

  • Standardized seamless integration between SW-MW-HW solutions

  • Tailor-made configuration for specific project implementations

  • Scale and infrastructure flexibility

  • Proven Health & Care domain know-how and experience

  • New health information management upgrade

  • Priceless multi-industry digital transformation experience

  • Standardized integration interface


  • Dashboard of SBS-Vitaly Health Portal can be customized and personalized to fit specific needs of various users

  • Electronic Health Record (EHR) provides integration with patient’s hospital and other medical institution

  • Personal profile includes all personal data and settings which are integrated automatically with other information systems and data that users manually modify on the portal

  • Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) feature enables users to monitor and record various physical parameters, acquired by standardized and certified medical protocols, either from medical grade or free market monitoring devices

  • e-Prescription feature enables users to have an overview of medications from patient’s healthcare episodes

  • Messaging provides a secure and safe communication engine for two-way patient-doctor/medical staff communication or consultations between medical professionals

  • Consultation feature provides a secure communication tool for doctors to discuss non-urgent clinical questions, difficult diagnoses, treatment advices and similar

Why SBS Patient Portal ?

  • OPTIMAL USER EXPERIENCE, main design objective was to provide clarity, consistency and usability through an intuitive information hierarchy which reflects in increased frequency of use and higher user adoption

  • MODULAR ARCHITECTURE fits the needs of modern enterprises as it provides maximum flexibility and customization support during roll-out and maintenance. Self-standing modules facilitate re-usability across or within the project, which enables expanding an existing or adding

  • new functionality in a cost-effective way

  • INTEROPERABILITY AND SECURITY provides effective application integration solutions, which are essential to cover needs of clients who have existing content and business logic stored in back-end systems. The platform’s design is based on IHE & HL7® standards and certified as medical device class I