Patient Level Costing Overview


  • Benchmarking comparisons

  • Income optimization

  • Improved clinical coding

  • Increased clinician awareness of costs

  • Evaluating alternative clinical practices

  • Cost variance analysis

  • Resource planning

  • Internal recharging (of clinical support services)

  • Feeds for service line reporting

  • Producing National Reference Costs returns


  • SBS Software that’s built for PLICS reporting ,accurate reporting means better reporting, and more cost efficiency. PLICS saves money

  • Introducing and implementing new standards for patient level costing

  • Developing and implementing one single national cost collection to replace current multiple collections

  • Establishing the minimum required standards for costing software and promoting its adoption

  • Driving and encouraging sector support to adopt Patient Level Costing methodology and technology

Why SBS Patient Level Costing?

  • Consulting process to measure the hospital services provided and related costs from patient service perspective

  • SBS provides Patient Level Costing (PLC) tool from partners to do the costing analysis and measure profitability per service item provided or package or department

  • PLC is must-have in today healthcare business environment to allow decision makers focus on highly profit service items and analysis low profit or loss service items in a hospital