Patient Kiosk

As the hospitals’ interest in self-service kiosks is growing rapidly to improve patient satisfaction and operational efficiency, SBS addresses the need with innovative multilanguage self-service kiosk. SBS MAICA® Patient Kiosk is an interactive computer station designed for self-service tasks, such as patient check-in and collection of co-payments. The kiosk can be placed in various settings like the reception and registration, laboratory, pharmacy and operations theater. It can be freestanding, wall-mounted, placed on countertop or it can be mobile on computers on wheels.


Patient Kiosk provides the following services:

  • Patient check-in

  • Outpatient appointment booking

  • Patient data Update

  • Directions to various locations within the hospital

  • Patient survey, feedback and complaints

  • Patient education (certified materials available in English & Arabic)

  • Payment options for service fees (credit card etc.)

  • Invoice and financial statement print out

  • E-signature for patient consent

  • Commercial advertisements for hospital and suppliers’ products and services


Patient Kiosk services provide the following benefits:

  • Saving time consumed in inter-system communication, reducing waiting times, allowing health practitioners ease of connection, and patients to be examined faster and better

  • Flexibility and functionality through using standard Java technology and exported APIs to deliver a high degree of customization and programmability, as well as multi-platform compatibility

  • Availability and reliability even during system administration and maintenance

  • Ease of use by using a familiar web-based interface with powerful searching capabilities

  • Healthcare expertise delivering the unique expertise and only the functionality you require

  • No hidden costs as the system is delivered at a lower total cost of ownership due to cost-efficient licensing and effortless implementation

  • Greater convenience and privacy

Why SBS’S Patient Kiosk?

  • SBS’s MAICA is the only patient kiosk solution world wild supporting ADA compliancy (American Disability Accusation) to allow patient access, either in a standing position or on wheel chairs.

  • SBS’s MAICA multilingual patient kiosk supports Arabic feature with full customization and accessibility.

  • SBS’s MAICA integrates with other patient biometric devices such as National ID, multiple patient identifications, palm vein, skin ..etc.