Becoming the norm of the modern world, SBS initiated its Managed IT Outsourcing services to help healthcare providers minimize their IT investment costs, so that they can focus on their core business and achieve their targets. SBS provides trained, experienced, qualified and certified resources to increase efficiency and competitiveness, while quickly implementing or integrating new informatics technologies minimalizing the risk of implementing a costly wrong decision and ensuring greater returns on investments.


SBS’s Managed IT Outsourcing provides the following services:

  • Optimized support structure tailored for the core HIS application requirements

  • Optimized support structure for third-party applications

  • Operation and applications managed services

  • Staff Augmentation programs

  • Billing and collection

  • IT Strategic Assessment

  • Training and Support


SBS’s Managed IT Outsourcing services provide the following benefits:

  • Cost saving while maintaining highest quality

  • Increased efficiency and competitiveness

  • Focus on core areas through freeing companies’ essential energies and manpower

  • Saving infrastructure, technology, and workspace

  • Unlimited access to affordable skilled resources

  • Time zone advantage and round-the-clock business operations

  • Quick implementation of new technologies saving both time and money

  • Reducing risks with specific industry knowledge

  • Compliance and Security

Why SBS Outsourcing?

  • We exceed client expectations from regular outsourcing models as we provide outsource for people, process and technology. With selected pool of resources, SBS outsource consultant with unique expertise in Oracle DBA's and developers, Microsoft.NET developers. In addition to Intersystem Cache ,CSP , Ensemble professionals SBS outsource business process consultants for process review and best practice recommendation and high end process based advice With today's needs in Business Process Outsourcing, SBS partnered with many organization to provide a controlled process outsourcing that caters for client organizational needs and reduce the IT investment cost overhead and resource management to enable clients focus on results rather than IT service