Mobile App Development Overview

Technology vendors

  • Support for various business models

  • Wide spectrum of products and services bundling

  • Standardized seamless integration between SW-MW-HW solutions

System integrators

  • Tailor-made configuration for specific project implementations

  • Scale and infrastructure flexibility

  • Proven Health & Care domain know-how and experience

Health information systems vendors

  • New health information management upgrade

  • Priceless multi-industry digital transformation experience

  • Standardized integration interface


Reaching out to patients

  • Today’s patients are mobile and want their healthcare data and advice available on the go, yet they more than ever guard their privacy. Securely connect with your clients across various communication channels

Patient portals

Patient portals with an intuitive user interface and multiple patient-engagement tools:

  • Accessible treatment plans

  • Editable personal health records

  • Feedback and assessment forms

  • Automated appointment scheduling

  • Online billing

  • E-consultations

SBS Mobile healthcare applications to help patients take even more control over their health trough:

  • Quick access to EHR/EMR data

  • Online consultations with a physician

  • E-prescribing

  • Educational resources in a variety of formats (video, audio and texts)

  • Reminders and alerts

  • Newsfeeds

  • GPS navigation and maps to provide directions to the nearest clinic

Why SBS Mobile App Development?

  • An entire continuum of healthcare needs can be addressed via apps , and Both doctors and patients are finding that mobile apps can provide a fast and efficient way to stay in touch and exchange information. SBS’s mobile application developers and designers are adept at coding robust, scalable applications.(mobile and web)that are integrated into the EMR/HIS healthcare and wellness system We hold enormous experience in building mobile applications and web portals (like patient portals)on different platforms in the areas of statics , dynamic ,records , monitoring, reminder/Alert ,Communicate We also provide market-ready applications to help our clients, the healthcare providers, to better communicate with their customer/patient, and to enhance the patient-centric healthcare delivery process