As we recognized that finding a robust software application to help improve the healthcare teaching and learning experience with increased efficiency is crucial to hospital learning workflow, SBS’s Learning Management System (LMS) delivers a dynamic, easy-to-use and flexible solution to address this specialized need from documentation to tracking, reporting and delivery of courses with a localized setting. In SBS, we believe that a successful healthcare LMS should be an outmost easy-to-understand platform with provisions for easy upgrade according to the needs of an organization, online or offline


SBS’s Learning Management System (LMS) Solution provides the following services:

  • Computer based learning/self-learning with international language support (English)

  • Browser-based interface supporting portal personalization

  • Workflow capability for commonly performed actions

  • Handling prerequisites during registration

  • Role-based system

  • Individual and batch enrolment permissions

  • Managing courses enrolments, plans and class schedule

  • Creating individual and group learning plans with completion due-dates

  • Ability to assign manually or automatically learning plans to individual learners or groups

  • Evaluating course effectiveness

  • Waitlists and track status

  • Handling classroom and equipment scheduling

  • Handling Web-conference learning sessions scheduling

  • Compliance and mandatory training, notification, tracking and scheduling

  • Managers training to create and review learning plans in which students can enroll

  • Continuing education and certification tracking

  • Calendars for learners, managers and administrations, showing courses and assignments

  • Access to learner roster (trainee) for an enrolled class

  • MS Outlook integration with calendar

  • Ability to review trainer’s performance and trainee’s feedback

  • Users socialization with other departments through Web-Based Training (WBT) and Computer-Based Training (CBT) which both support Video Conferencing and Content-Authoring.


SBS’s Learning Management System (LMS) Solution services provide the following benefits:

  • Ease of use and flexibility

  • Ease of access and navigation

  • Ease of follow up and evaluation

  • Personal customization and preferences

  • Integration between the system components

  • Simplifying the enrollment process and all other procedures

  • Time saving and efficiency

  • Ease of communication between departments

  • Enhancing interaction and socialization between learners, teachers, and departments


  • Flexibility and instant access: SBS’s LMS provides constant access at anytime, and often from more than one location. Web-hosted or app-based ones are accessible at any time on a variety of devices.

  • Integrated tracking and reporting: SBS’s LMS often comes with built-in tracking and reporting features. Moving through CEU modules, regulatory compliance training, or assigned corporate tutorials, progress can be tracked in real time and reports will be generated to show who many modules still left to be completed.

  • Cost-effectiveness: SBS’s LMS eliminates the need for expensive materials and provides users with a flexible remote learning platform. Having an LMS is an investment.

  • Real-time updates: SBS’s LMS coursework updates are easier and faster than shared PDF or PowerPoint presentations. No more outdated textbooks!