Help Desk Overview

  • Work more efficiently

  • Office workers can submit issues easily and get their tech issues fixed faster, allowing everyone to spend more time being productive, and less time twiddling their thumbs. IT professionals waste less time on unnecessary manual processes, freeing up valuable time for more important work

  • Multitask smarter, even on the go

  • Help desk systems allow IT pros to more easily categorize and prioritize issues, allowing them to better sequence which issues to work on. For example, a tech might want to handle multiple similar issues in a single trip from the server room, making better use of their time

  • One place for all IT requests

  • Most help desk systems include a user portal that provides a single place for users to create tickets, view the status of open issues, and close out tickets once they’re resolved. A portal can also be used to relay important information to users (such as planned downtime), which can reduce unnecessary tickets

  • Customize to meet your needs

  • At a basic level, a help desk ticket includes a title and description of each issue. For more detailed information and better categorization, a company can create custom fields such as department, building location, floor number… then create reports based on that data


  • SBS Help desk software acts as your web-based support center, streamlining the facilitation of inquiry management and other vital support processes

  • A good program contorts to the novice, reducing the amount of training time while allowing junior level support members to become experts in no time

  • The ability to solve problems quicker, staff can boost productivity by assisting more customers

  • Efficient ticket system that lets customers track their open issues. Sometimes people just don’t feel like talking on the phone or communicating through email

  • Built-in knowledge base for storing helpful tips and articles. Not only does this act as a great self-help resource for customers, but also a nice reference for employees as well

  • Ability to prioritize inquiries and route requests across the network to appropriate personnel departments

  • Flexible reporting, tracking and problem resolution tools

  • Web-based interface accessible from any computer with an internet or intranet connection

  • Seamless integration into your existing network environment. When incorporating a help desk solution, there should be no need to reorganize your infrastructure

Why SBS Help Desk?

  • Whether you are running a small company or large corporate network, your business can’t survive without delivering quality support to your customers. SBS Help desk software can be a powerful tool that allows you to effectively manage relationships with existing customers as well as potential clients. This type of program gives you a centralized platform to handle email inquiries, live chat and issues received via a support ticket among other methods

  • Scalable platform capable of meting your current needs with functionality that supports the natural growth of customer demands

  • Quality technical support provided by resources within the application as well as prompt support from live representatives