HL7-Integration Overview


  • By using a HL7 interface engine, health providers can realize the benefits of existing legacy information systems without major re-investment in new technologies, lowering costs and extending the life and efficiencies of current systems

  • There is also opportunity to link to systems outside the healthcare provider such as providers of outsourced services like radiology


  • Present care plans, guidelines, and protocols

  • Present organizational guidelines for patient care as appropriate to support order entry and clinical documentation

  • Manage guidelines, protocols and patient-specific care plans

  • Provide administrative tools for organizations to build care plans, guidelines and protocols for use during patient care planning and care

  • Generate and record patient-specific instructions

  • Generate and record patient-specific instructions related to pre- and post-procedural and post-discharge requirements

  • Place patient care orders

  • Capture and track orders based on input from specific care providers

  • Order diagnostic tests

  • Submit diagnostic test orders based on input from specific care providers

  • Manage order sets

  • Provide order sets based on provider input or system prompt

  • Manage results

  • Route, manage and present current and historical test results to appropriate clinical personnel for review, with the ability to filter and compare results

  • Manage consents and authorizations

  • Create, maintain, and verify patient treatment decisions in the form of consents and authorizations when required

Why SBS HL7-Integration?

  • SBS integrates and connects clients information solutions too NE platform that harmonizes data, process and even people. Interoperability is there cient systems delivery challenge and ensures your investment is done only once. SBS uses Intersystem Integration Engine to implement the rule based process and ensure right data reaches right system at the right time. With a team who is able to talk many healthcare IT languages, integration is much simpler than it originally was