Becoming a seamless part of the healthcare provider workflow to maximize operational efficiency, Biometric Patient Identification Management System is designed to provide a fast and accurate patient identification at any point along the care continuum. With a proper proof of identity, a patient is enrolled with two scans that typically take less than a few seconds. Once enrolled, the patient’s record can be accessed instantly and on future visits.


Biometric Patient Identification Management System provides the following services:

  • Back-end authentication system leverage of multiple forms of biometrics working on vein pattern scan of a patient’s:

    • Palm

    • Fingerprint

    • Iris

    • Facial

  • Creating an encrypted and protected digital file linked to the patient’s medical record in any HIS, EMPI or EMR registration system.


Biometric Patient Identification Management System services provide the following benefits:

  • Enhancing patient safety by ensuring the right service is provided to the right patient

  • Marinating privacy and personal data disclosure

  • Patient data protection against identity theft, fraud and misuse

  • Minimizing hospital’s losses due to medical identity theft and insurance fraud

  • Reducing the problem of duplication of medical records and overlays

  • Direct interfacing into current HIS or ERM registration

  • High patient acceptance rate

Why SBS'S Biometric?

  • SBS’s Biometric is a very secure method of authentication using blood vein pattern lies under the skin, what makes it almost impossible for others to read or copy.

  • SBS’s Biometric is not dangerous or unsafe, the infrared is of sunlight.

  • SBS’s Biometric system doesn't have the same potential civil liberty and security issues as face recognition techniques where face can be scanned without being aware of it, but the palm remains secure.