Biometric Benefits

  • Ensure the right care is provided to the right Patient

  • Eliminate creation of Duplicate Medical records & Overlays

  • Protect against medical identity theft and fraud

  • Improve the patient registration process and reduce costs

  • Enhance the patient experience and empower patients


  • Enrolling to the Patient Secure is a fast and simple process. With a proper proof of identity, a patient is enrolled with biometric scans that typically take less than a few seconds

  • Once enrolled to the system, the patient’s record can be accessed securely and instantly on their next future visits

  • Patient Secure supports leading biometric technologies, along with the patient’s picture to be imported and shared with the EMR/HER system

Why SBS Biometric?

  • It is a very secure method of authentication because this blood vein pattern lies under the skin. This makes it almost impossible for others to read or copy

  • This system is not dangerous, a near infrared is a component of sunlight

  • This system doesn't have the same potential civil liberty issues as face

  • recognition techniques: Your face can be scanned without you being aware of it, but your palm vein remain hidden