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Application and System Support

HEALTHCARE APPLICATION AND SYSTEM SUPPORT Our dedicated team of professional and technical consultants implements the best practices of US and... read more

Application and system IT training

HEALTHCARE SYSTEM AND IT TRAINING SOLUTIONS For each of our system/solution implementation and integration, SBS offers training governance and management... read more

Healthcare Outsourcing

HEALTHCARE IT OUTSOURCING SBS assists healthcare providers minimize their IT investment costs so that they can focus on their core... read more

Implementation and Integration Services

IMPLEMENTATION AND INTEGRATION SERVICES Integrated healthcare systems are considered part of the solution to the challenge of sustaining GCC’s healthcare... read more

System Application Development

SYSTEM APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT At SBS, we assist our clients in defining, analyzing and interpreting organizational data in order to support... read more

Procurement and Health Informatics Management Services

PROCUREMENT AND HEALTH INFORMATICS MANAGEMENT SERVICES A well-designed and implemented Health Information Management System (HIMS) enables a world-class healthcare delivery... read more


Data Encryption and Drive Wiping Software

DATA ENCRYPTION AND DRIVE WIPING SOFTWARE IN HEALTHCARE Health institutions are centers where volumes of confidential data are generated continuously.... read more

IBM MobileFirst Platform

IBM MOBILEFIRST PLATFORM Transforming old ways of doing things by making technology accessible and available, easy to use, thus simplifying... read more

Data Protection, Back-up and Recovery Solution

DATA PROTECTION, BACKUP AND RECOVERY SOLUTION IN HEALTHCARE One pivotal component of health care delivery that cannot be overlooked by... read more

Diagnostic Medical Imaging Solutions

DIAGNOSTIC MEDICAL IMAGING SOLUTIONS Health care climate is moving so fast that providers need to be constantly on alert for... read more


LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Finding a robust software application to help improve the healthcare teaching and learning experience with increased efficiency... read more


ENDNOTE RESEARCH EndNote® enables you to move seamlessly through your research process with flexible tools for searching, organizing and sharing... read more

Revenue Cycle Management

REVENUE CYCLE MANAGEMENT Billing & Revenue Cycle Management System is a specialized patient billing systems for health care institutions. The... read more

Digital Health

Coming Soon read more

Patient Kiosk

PATIENT KIOSK SBS MAICA(R) is a multifunctional Healthcare Kiosk designed for hospitals. The Kiosk has different designs for different purposes... read more

Interactive Patient Care

INTERACTIVE PATIENT CARE Despite the challenge of reducing cost and the projected shortage of skilled medical professionals, improving quality of... read more

Patient Biometric

PATIENT BIOMETRIC Biometric Patient identification Management System provides a fast and accurate patient identification, and works by scanning the vein... read more

Single Sign On

SINLE SIGN ON (SSO) What is Single Sign On SSO?. Single Sign on is process of getting Computer user to enter... read more